A fun and collaborative tool to understand the impacts of our societies on our health and that of the planet

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Thursday 3 November 2022, 18h00


The One Health Mural is the key tool to better understand the links between our health, that of animals and ecosystems, and to better act to reduce the environmental, sanitary and social impacts of our activities.

The One Health Mural is a key tool designed to emphasize what links underpin our health, that of animals as well as the overall standard of ecosystems to limit the negative impact that our day-to-day activities may infer.

The free pedagogical game allows one not only to find out the interconnections between Human, Animal, and Environemental Health but also to analyze drivers and brakes on the implementation of One Health approach.

The collaborative game, while bringing to the fore awareness of Life Science, as well as Human and Social Science, outlines the cross-actions of these subjects to lead the One Health approach.

The One Health Mural is organized by École nationale des services vétérinaires (ENSV-FVI) in partnership with the geneva Health Forum.

For more information : https://ensv-fvi.fr/one-health-mural 


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